bremap asked: A friend recently reblogged the somewhat infamous Red Lobster biscuit post. I felt it necessary to inform you that while mindlessly scrolling, I legitimately thought there was actually a biscuit in your shower. You are not alone, my friend.

That’s another reason why I think it resonates so much. People see the pic and that very brief, but overwhelmingly familiar image pops in their head. I lucked out.

Anonymous asked: Then everything fine then (hopefully)


Anonymous asked: Sorry Dear,

As long as you’re not STILL in grade school, then I think I’m safe. That’s the last thing I need showing up on a background check. “Cavorts with children with romantic intentions on the internet”.

Anonymous asked: Highly probably not alive or in primary school ?

I feel like this ask just got me put on a watch list some where.

Anonymous asked: Are you single because you sound amazing

Damn. Where were y’all when I was in high school?

I try to answer every single Ask I get, but there are some that I just don’t know how to answer or are just too weird to even warrant an answer.

Then there are the mean anons. If I felt they were being ACTUALLY constructive, I would totally take the bait. But they’re not. They just want to give me shit, because I used a bunch of big words in the biscuit post. I didn’t do that to sound like a pretentious asshole. I thought the contrast between the lofty diction and the fact that I almost ate soap was funny.

As for the anons saying that they are ashamed of me for not becoming a doctor? My dad probably figured out how to use Tumblr.

nocturnallilith said: It’s interesting that you say this because from my experience most people get shit for “talking about themselves so much”.

There may be a point at which it can become too much. Sometimes I see that. I think we should think about what we want to say before we say it. At least try to prevent it from becoming prattle. I think Twitter is for prattle. Little transactions. Fleeting thoughts.

Hopefully people can reach beyond themselves and connect their experiences to the bigger stuff out there and build a fascinating narrative for the rest of us to follow.

There could be a balance.

For instance, I used to follow this older gentleman back in 2002-2003. He was taking care of his dying mother and wrestling with his own diminishing enthusiasm for life at the same time. He posted entirely about himself, but somehow managed to transform the transcribing of minutiae into a captivating search for self and purpose and worth.

Blogging used to be People TV. Every channel had a different “Truman Show” on it. His was definitely something special.

Tumblr is like People TV, I guess, but all the channels just have commercials on them. Commercials for Frozen.

Blogs weren’t always so hard to follow.

Keep up with, I mean. The technology that allows me to find and catalog blogs is the best it’s ever been. I’m talking about being a “fan”. I feel like I have to make some kind of compromise whenever I click that + button. Whenever I find a new blog I have this thought run through my head. “Well, how much of this is actually interesting and how much is just reblogs?”

I used to know individuals who wrote about themselves and the things that they crossed their minds.

Not that I don’t care about the thing y’all like, I do, but I follow *people*. And it feels like that’s not the case most of the time.

Now all I know are gifsets, fandoms, inside jokes, external links, puns and gender politics.

I miss the humanity that blogging used to have. Or *seemed* to have. I know you motherfuckers like Disney and 90’s shit, who doesn’t? But what’s really going on with you? What bothered you this morning when you woke up? What did your kid do yesterday that fascinated you? What are you working on? And let me know without being coy or nauseatingly ambiguous. Go into detail about all the weird shit you obsessively think about before going to sleep. Tell me about what plagues you.

That’s the good shit. The real shit. Tell me about you.

Anonymous asked: Preface: you're amazing! I want to explore your mind Eternal Sunshine style. Question: who are some of your favorite authors (other than Stan Lee lol)

The only authors I’ve really paid attention to in my life are comic book authors (unfortunately? Idk).

Dan Slott, Mike Mignola (did you know he scripts all of his stuff?) pre-controversy Ron Marz, Jack Kirby (another artist that could write like a motherfuck), Peter Milligan, Eddie Campbell

But when I was a kid I loved Michael Crichton, Stephen King and C.S Lewis. I haven’t revisited any of their works in any sort of recent capacity, however. So it all might suck with my cynical adult perspective.

why-not-james asked: Aye. We should meet. You're very cool.

I can honestly assure you that I am way more disappointing in person.

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